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DHL Shipping in Washington DC. Maryland and Virginia

DHL, UPS and FEDEX Shipping Center in Rockville, MD, We’re 1 stop shop for all DHL, UPS, and FEDEX packages , 1Stop Pack n Ship utilizes the most recent online advancements to help with all parts of the transportation procedure – planning, proactive following, detailing, pickup and conveyance, and charging administrations. What’s more, with our ground-breaking and simple to utilize small package shipping program. We are bundle shipping specialists with more than 25 years involvement in the transportation business. Also, in light of the fact that we comprehend your business and know how significant your time is we recognize the stuff to deal with your delivery work from beginning to end. 1Stop pack n ship gives its clients overall transporting through solid and entrenched connections through its significant bearer accomplices (FedEx, UPS, DHL, and others). We help you with all your expediting and global printed material prerequisites, including getting ready business solicitations, shippers trade revelations, import bonds, organic worksheets, carets, authentications of root, and the sky is the limit from there.


UPS,DHLand FEDEX Shipping

1Stop Pack n’ Ship is one of the best International and Domestic shipping companies in Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia. Contact us to request a free quote using our contact form, or give us a call today!

More About Our International Shipping & Moving Services

1Stop Pack N Ship, previously Metro Postal is Montgomery County’s premier packaging and shipping center, serving the Washington DC.

Nature of International Shipping

When it comes to international shipping, 1 Stop Pack n Ship offers both commercial and residential delivery services. Whether you want to ship one item or many, 1 Stop Pack n Ship can help you send it without a hassle. Individuals can send items to family and friends in other countries. You can use us to send many different things including gifts on special occasions. In addition, business can send items to customers all over the world. We ship through different types of transportation services including air and ocean. Most larger items go via ocean freight.

Full Truck Load vs Less Than Truck Load

Moving and shipping companies that do not offer both full truck and less than truck load services to their clients are not as effective. 1 Stop Pack n Ship offers both of these services so you don’t have to worry about shipping large items. You can get discounts and save a lot of money by shipping through less than truck load. In less than truck load, your shipment is combined with other items from other people, lowering the cost for all.

Expedited Deliveries

If there is anything that adds value to the moving and shipping service, it’s expedited delivery. For a small extra charge, 1 Stop Pack n Ship provides expedited delivery to its clients. The increase in cost will depend on the number of times and value. Please tell our representative if you want expedited shipping.

Multiple International Locations

Whether you are looking to ship to South America, Asia, Africa, Europe or the Middle East, we have you covered. We can help you send something as small as a piece of art to as large as a sofa. We take pride in our employees who are skilled and knowledgeable. Our experienced and well trained staff will make sure your item is shipped to the right address and arrives on time. Our staff is customer friendly so if you have an questions, you can always contact us by phone or through our website.

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International Moving Service

Let us handle your overseas move. We’ll pick-up, package everything, load the container, strap it on the vessel for safe transport, complete all export documentation, and clear it through customs if needed. Europe, the Middle East, Israel, India, Africa, South America, Asia, and Australia. 1 Stop Pack n Ship is proud to be your local packing and shipping company on a world-wide basis.

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Safe Transport

We safely and securely deliver packages internationally.

Full Tracking

We offer full tracking so can keep track of your packages.

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We guarantee that your packages will arrive on time.