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Fine Art Moving in Washington DC. Maryland and Virginia 

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Fine Art Moving- It’s Not That Easy

Fine arts are a special kind of possession. The household that possesses them is a lucky one. These beautiful paintings, sculptures, pieces of art, etc. can make a place special on their own. They are rare; they need attention, care, and love. They are a profitable investment and require further investment when you are moving with them.
When you are moving to a new house, city, state, or country, these fine arts ask you a question “how are you going to move us?” In fact, you ask this question yourself. How are you going to move the fine art? Are you going to hire a fine art moving company or you are going to move it all by yourself? If you are going to pack everything on your own or you are going to take professional help?
To help you out of this dilemma, you can simply reach out to a fine art moving company. They are always ready to assist you in making your fine art move a smooth one.

Why Do They Need Experts?

Fine arts are rare, beautiful and they have their own special character. Just put them in a room and they will turn every eye towards them without even making an effort. Such pieces need expert attention. There are certain reasons why you need expert antique movers.

• Avoid damage

- Fine arts are made of metals, porcelain, marbles, and so many other fragile items. They are prone to damage while moving and are very costlier to repair. It is even possible that they can’t be repaired once broken. To avoid such damage and any extra costs, hire fine art movers to help you out.

• Save Time

- Each item requires special packing material and packing. You cannot waste your time searching for how to pack each item on Google or YouTube. The fine art moving company knows how to pack each of these items with due care.

• Reduce Stress

- Moving is stressful in itself. When you have experts around to help you out, the stress can be reduced to a great extent.

• Save Money

- You can hire a fine art moving company at competitive prices as per your needs. By avoiding the damage to your pieces, you are also saving any extra costs that you may have to incur while doing things on your own.
Now that you are ready to call fine art movers, there are certain things you must know about. So, read till the last.

Before You Start Packing

Whether you are packing the fine art pieces on your own, or you have already contacted a moving company for a smooth move, you must undergo the following steps.

Make an Inventory

When you are moving a hundred items it is easy for one or two pieces to get lost. Thus, make an inventory of every piece you have. You can also take pictures of every item to ensure that they are packed in a good condition so that if any mishap occurs, you can claim it from Insurance.

Get Your Art Appraised

The value of art increases day by day. If you have fine arts which are decades older and you haven’t get them appraised in a long time, you need to know their current worth. You need it to get proper insurance for your possession. As for the appraiser, you can find a licensed appraiser through state agencies.

Check Your Insurance

It is imperative to get a mover’s insurance policy for your move. But you cannot rely on this one for your fine arts as mover’s insurance is 60 cents per pound i.e. you get 60$ for your 100$ loss. You need a Full Value Protection policy that pays for any damage, repair, or replacement or lost item during the move. For precious fine arts, that are very valuable, third party insurance is always a better choice.
Before starting your move, checking these few things on your list is mandatory. Fine art pieces are not regular household stuff that you can pack them up anytime and load them in any way you wish.

Preparing For Your Move

Once you have made an inventory, your items are insured, you can start preparing them for the move. It starts with proper packing. Even if your insurer provides you a full value protection policy against all types of damages and losses, you want your stuff to arrive at your new place in one piece, right? So, here you go.

Proper Packing Material

The first advice always is to hire a professional and experienced moving company who not only moves your fine art items but also pack them for you. Whether you are packing your stuff all by yourself or you have hired professionals, it is imperative to pack them properly. You must buy only high-quality packing material. Do not fall for the cheaper items as they may seem like a budget-friendly option now but they will not keep your stuff safe.

Careful packaging

Every piece of art is rare and valuable. You cannot pack them all in one box with your regular newspaper, blankets, and foam. First of all, it is important that you pack each one of them separately. There are three layers of packaging.
• First layer- For the first layer you need to use a stretch wrap or foam wrap to wrap each of the items individually. Cover each corner and edges.

• Second layer- On the second layer, you need shock absorbers that will save the item from the transit shocks. Blankets, foams, packing peanuts can work as the second layer.

• Third layer- As a third shell, you need something solid i.e. a wooden crate that can protect the items from any harm.


As you start packing each item, put a label on them that says what is inside the box. This is very important as whoever will lift and load the box will handle it according to the fragility of the item inside.
Packing each one of these items with different packing skills is not something you are habitual of. It will take so much of your time that you can better use somewhere else. So, it is advised that you hire a moving company instead of taking the entire burden on your shoulders.

Final words

Preparing for the move, listing down everything, packing, loading, unloading, and that too with your regular work is a lot to do. With several fine art moving companies around you, you don’t need to worry about moving the fine art but just hire one of these companies as per your needs. They pack, they load, they move and they unload. So choose them, choose a safe and secure way to move your art pieces.


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