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Logistics and Freight Forwarder Company

Whether you are an individual or running a successful business, there comes a point where you may need to transport goods to other countries and cities.
We aim to provide all kinds of shipping, handling and freight services to our clients. We have the capacity and ability to handle any kind of object to cater to all of your needs.
If you are wondering what a Freight Logistics Company does, here is a brief explanation to aid you in your decision for hiring our services.

What is Freight Logistics?

As a freight logistics company, we deal in controlling, implementing and storing a variety of goods and services. We deal with all of these functions to maximize the experience of our clients.
Whether you want to store goods domestically or move them either domestically or internationally we provide efficient flow. We provide air, ocean, and rail transport services to our clients.
If you are running a business we can take care of all your supply chain needs at the best quotes. We can assure you that your freight will reach its destination on time and with no goods harmed.

Ocean freight

This type of method is mostly used for international shipping services. There are two ways through which you can get your goods loaded for transport: Full Container Load or Less-than-Container Load.

Full Container Load

If you plan on moving your business abroad or are planning an international move with your family then this option is perfect for you.
This type of load is used for bigger objects and enough objects that they take up the whole container. These containers are at least twenty to forty feet wide and can store a large number of goods.
You can either rent the container or even buy it. The only thing you need to have is enough objects to fill the space in the container! If you don't then you can opt for the second option.

Less-than-Container Load

If you want to transport some goods to someone you know abroad, then this will be a better option for you. As the name suggests the container doesn’t have to be full.
This is because these types of containers are used for many clients. But don’t worry, your goods will be handled with the utmost care. Our team is filled with professionals. From handling, storing to packaging your items our team is specialized and makes no errors.

Working with 1Stop Pack n’ Ship

We make freight logistics simple for you. If you are still contemplating your decision and if you should hire us, let us give you a few reasons as to why picking us will be a great decision.


We have been in this business for more than thirty years now. Our team is filled with experts and professionals who have been trained every step of the way.
We have learned from our mistakes and now we provide a service that matches no other. You can trust us to handle your goods with the best care.

Your package is safe with us

We handle every object differently. Every object is packaged differently and fragile or expensive goods are handled with the utmost care. We make personalized crates depending on the good when we come to pick them up.
All you need to do is sit back, relax and let us handle all your freight logistics and shipping needs. Our team of professionals will guide you through every step of the process so you know everything about how your goods are being handled and shipped.

GPS Tracking

Every time we send packages somewhere or are waiting for a package to arrive it can get difficult. This is why we provide a tracking service so your mind is at ease and you know where your package is and when is it going to reach.
You can keep track of everything you have shipped and know if your freight has reached timely or not. This will help keep your mind at ease and you need not worry.
We move freight to many locations all over
Over the years we have expanded our list of locations and now we move freight to many overseas locations including Europe, Australia, Middle-East, India, Asia, South America, Africa, and Israel.
We also move freight all over the United States for anyone who wants to utilize our service for domestic purposes.
We are experts in dealing with Customs
An expert freight company will always know all the customs rules and regulations. These are the regulations set in other countries and a freight company should be well-versed with these regulations.
Any documentation you will need for international shipping will be conveyed to you so your goods can easily be cleared. We guarantee that your packages and goods will not go through any issue at Customs and will be cleared with ease.
Timely deliveries
Throughout our business, we have perfected the art of delivering freight on time. Anyone who has utilized our services will tell you that cargo always reaches on time.
We don’t compromise over the services we provide and we promise you a timely delivery. Whether it is a domestic delivery or international, all of your cargo will reach at the estimated time we provide you.
Call or message to get a free quote now
Most people while using freight services for international purposes are worried about the cost and their budget. No need to panic, we offer the best rates depending on your cargo and needs.
To get an estimated quote, call us or message us now and our team will give you the best quote for our services.

Bottom line

1Stop Pack n’ Ship is a one-stop for all your freight shipping needs. We care about our clients and aim to provide a smooth experience that you won't find anywhere else.
To find out more or get a free quote, you can either fill a contact form or give us a call to take to one of our team members. Choose us now and you will never be disappointed!

More About Our International Shipping & Moving Services

1Stop Pack N Ship, previously Metro Postal is Montgomery County’s premier packaging and shipping center, serving the Washington DC. Metropolitan Since 1984

Local Movers

Households and businesses are always moving to different cities. Sometimes they end up moving their stuff quite a few times. They can always avail the services of moving their stuff domestically. The stuff can either be transported through rail or trucks depending on the type of package being transported. The moving of items domestically is cheaper than other services.

International Moving

There are many times when the packages have to be shipped internationally. Moving stuff out of your country is a very crucial process. The companies that provide international shipping are aware of the laws and regulations of different countries where you want to send your stuff. Usually, people send gifts abroad but there are at times when families are relocating. If this happens then there might be certain laws that you must be aware of before moving your stuff. Moving companies help you to solve this problem by providing you guidance throughout the course. They also help you to pack your things in such a way that you don't face restrictions while shipping.

Freight Moving

You can also avail the option of sending you stuff through the water. Mostly businesses that are into export of goods use this technique. This option helps you to send a large number of goods and even to distant locations. Since you are exporting items, you must know the regulations of the country you are exporting to. Moving companies help you to learn about the rules and regulations so you can plan your cargo accordingly the next time. Moving your stuff through ships is cheaper than air. You might use air for smaller stuff but for large items such as cupboards or furniture, you can move through the water.

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Let us handle your overseas move. We’ll pick-up, package everything, load the container, strap it on the vessel for safe transport, complete all export documentation, and clear it through customs if needed. Europe, the Middle East, Israel, India, Africa, South America, Asia, and Australia. 1 Stop Pack n Ship is proud to be your local packing and shipping company on a world-wide basis.

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