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If you’re looking to move and shop only one or maybe more furniture items, then it can be challenging to locate a reliable moving company that can provide such a service. The struggle of moving furniture from one location to another can be overwhelming, which is why it is easier to hire a mover company. A mover company provides services in packing, unpacking, moving, and shipping furniture items from one location to other. If you are having furniture shipped to Maryland from elsewhere, the company also provides short term storage facility, and with their packaging tools, the process of shifting becomes easier. Moving the furniture yourself can prove to be an arduous process, as you can end up damaging the items, which is why it is imperative that you hire a reputable moving company to prevent any damage.
When you’re moving things yourself, it may seem like you are reducing your expenses, but at the same time, the cost of rental trucks and multiple trips can cost more than you think. It may seem like hiring the services of a mover company will increase your costs, but their services will allow you to not worry about moving and shipping items by yourself. Whether you want to move and ship things in and out of Maryland, hiring the services of a moving company will ease the process. At,, we provide our services in the best possible way. We are a shipping & moving company, and we make sure to pack and professionally move your items. With our shipping agents, they can figure out the best way to get your furniture packed and moved without causing any damage at the best price.

Moving and Shipping Services

With different moving companies, moving and shipping your items has become easier. They are gaining reputation because these movers utilize various advanced approaches to bring innovative ideas to make their services more efficient. Our company makes sure to provide the best possible service to all customers. They take control of:

• Packing Items

Making sure all the items are carefully packed can be a stressful task, especially when you are doing it yourself. Because it is not easy to pack delicate items without the risk of breaking them, which is hiring the services of a mover company comes handy. With their expertise and professionalism, they know how to pack items with the right tools and wrapping sheet to ensure nothing gets damaged during the moving process. So, whether you are moving furniture to Maryland, or from Maryland, you should be assured by hiring the services of a mover company to move your furniture from one place to another without going through the hassle of rental trucks.

• Moving Items

The idea of moving can be daunting. By hiring the services of Mover Company who moves and ships furniture in Maryland can make the job easier. Movers take the responsibility of transferring all the furniture from location to the other at the given time and data. With their services, you can ease your worries be assured that all your furniture items are securely loaded, and shipped to your location in Maryland. The shipping agents are trained and qualified to provide the best services, as they can even pack your delicate, antique items without damaging them. At 1 Stop Pack n Ship, our experts carefully load and unload all the furniture items with care.

• Scheduled Time

It can be stressing when your items are not delivered on time. When you hire the services of local movers, the shipping experts know how to handle the furniture items, how to pack them in boxes without damaging them. They know how to handle heavy furniture items and place them in boxes carefully with the help of packaging equipment. The services of hiring local movers prove to be cost-effective as they lower down prices during the process of moving. Another important factor is, guaranteed delivery on time. They tend to ensure the packages are delivered on time at your residency at the scheduled time and date.

• Shipping

Moving companies offer a number of services to satisfy their companies. Our company can ship delicate, and furniture items for you without any hassle. Whether you’re looking to ship one, or a whole set of furniture, we ease all your worries away. We can ship furniture items like:
- Lounge furniture–which would include sofas, end tables, TV stands.
- Dining room sets –which would include dining table, chairs, cabinets, and dishes.
- Bedroom furniture –which would include beds, dressing table, nightstand, sets of mattress.
- Office sets –desks, book shelf, chairs, and cabinets.
We have a number of services to meet all your requirements. Our services involve packaging on site, packing, full service delivery option, fast shipping with guaranteed arrival on time, full insurance service option especially if anything gets damaged during the process of moving. So, if you’re looking hiring the services of a moving company to ship once set of furniture or a whole set, we can move and ship to anywhere in Maryland. With our experience, professionalism, we know how to do a good job and satisfy each customer.

Why 1 Stop Pack n Ship?

With so many moving companies out there, it is imperative to remember our services are unlike any other. With our highly trained and experienced staff, we provide the best possible service. We handle every type of customer. You can get a free quote on request. Our company offers a cost-effective way to move and ship furniture items to and from Maryland. With our reliable, trained shipping staff, we make sure your furniture items is packed carefully and delivered to your destination on time without damaging any of the furniture.
Along with moving and shipping the items, we also provide our services for packing the items and loading them. It will save you the hassle of doing it yourself. If you are moving items locally, we provide truck services, which depend on the number of items being shipping. It costs less than other services. If you are moving and shipping off furniture items from Maryland to elsewhere, then we also provide international shipping services. International moving companies help save you from the hassle of clearing out custom laws; it acts as a customs broker. With their experience, they are aware of the laws and procedure, which is why you can have your items shipped off to and from Maryland with no restrictions. The movers are equipped with all the tools required for packaging the items, and the services provided by the movers make the process of transforming items easier.

More About Our International Shipping & Moving Services

1Stop Pack N Ship, previously Metro Postal is Montgomery County’s premier packaging and shipping center, serving the Washington DC. Metropolitan Since 1984

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Safe Transport

We safely and securely deliver packages internationally.

Full Tracking

We offer full tracking so can keep track of your packages.

Guaranteed on-time

We guarantee that your packages will arrive on time.

International Moving Service

Let us handle your overseas move. We’ll pick-up, package everything, load the container, strap it on the vessel for safe transport, complete all export documentation, and clear it through customs if needed. Europe, the Middle East, Israel, India, Africa, South America, Asia, and Australia. 1 Stop Pack n Ship is proud to be your local packing and shipping company on a world-wide basis.

Nature of International Shipping

When it comes to international shipping, 1 Stop Pack n Ship offers both commercial and residential delivery services. Whether you want to ship one item or many, 1 Stop Pack n Ship can help you send it without a hassle. Individuals can send items to family and friends in other countries. You can use us to send many different things including gifts on special occasions. In addition, business can send items to customers all over the world. We ship through different types of transportation services including air and ocean. Most larger items go via ocean freight.

Full Truck Load vs Less Than Truck Load

Moving and shipping companies that do not offer both full truck and less than truck load services to their clients are not as effective. 1 Stop Pack n Ship offers both of these services so you don’t have to worry about shipping large items. You can get discounts and save a lot of money by shipping through less than truck load. In less than truck load, your shipment is combined with other items from other people, lowering the cost for all.

Expedited Deliveries

If there is anything that adds value to the moving and shipping service, it’s expedited delivery. For a small extra charge, 1 Stop Pack n Ship provides expedited delivery to its clients. The increase in cost will depend on the number of times and value. Please tell our representative if you want expedited shipping.

Multiple International Locations

Whether you are looking to ship to South America, Asia, Africa, Europe or the Middle East, we have you covered. We can help you send something as small as a piece of art to as large as a sofa. We take pride in our employees who are skilled and knowledgeable. Our experienced and well trained staff will make sure your item is shipped to the right address and arrives on time. Our staff is customer friendly so if you have an questions, you can always contact us by phone or through our website.

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