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Shipping Household Goods

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Whether it is an international move or a domestic move, you are moving with simply a car full of stuff to another state or you have planned on living the rest of your life on the other side of the ocean, you need to move your things with you. Even though it is a domestic move, it is still a move where you need to pack up your house and start a new life in a new state. At this time, you need a shoulder to rely on who can take away all your worries and help you make your move as smooth and hassle-free as possible.
With the experience of standing tall in the shipping industry for more than three decades, 1 Stop Pack N Ship understands your problems and offers solutions, leaving you with no time for worrying. Reliability and trust are synonymous with our name and we strive to keep up with it. With the experience of helping numerous families into their new homes both domestically and internationally, we are proud to be your best shipping solution for domestic shipping as well as international shipping.
Our team consists of professionals who have a solution to every problem. Our power relies on our team who completes your move in these three steps.

Pre-Move Planning

Each move is different with different destination, different shipping needs, different loads of stuff, and different shipping choices. Our team understands your expectations, what do you want to move, and where do you want to move and design a relocation strategy. A schedule with transportation, logistics, packing, etc. is prepared to avoid any last-minute issues. Our experience has taught us what problems you may face on your move and we try to avoid them by making a solid plan.

Moving Day Planning

Our team is very punctual and arrives on time on the planning day. Our team takes an inventory of everything that you are moving to. It helps in deciding on the packing material required for every item. We offer a full-service move, starting from packing every item to unloading it at your new destination and arrange it in your desired manner. If you have antiques, large furniture, or any other item that requires special packing, you need not worry about hiring another antique moving company or furniture moving company as you can rely on 1 Stop Pack n Ship for everything. Our expert professionals can pack each and every item in your household. We are your one-stop solution.
We pack; we load them into the truck and drive it to your new place in no time.

Post-Move Planning

Once we arrive at your new place, we unload and unpack your items and run each of them through the inventory check. We unload things safely, make sure that no mishap occurs, and that your stuff arrives at your new place without any drama.
Planning is the key to successful implementation and thus, we plan every step of your move. You can be assured of the safety and security of your item.

Why Do You Need To Hire Us?

Whether you are a business person who needs to send large shipments to your business location in another state or you are a household who want to send your large sofa to one of your family members living in a far state in the country or you want to move a truckload of stuff, you need a domestic shipping company who you can rely on for the safe arrival of your items to the destination.
When you are moving an item or two, it is easy to ship them to the neighboring state but when there is a truckload of stuff, you cannot handle everything on your own, while managing your business or if you are a household, managing office as well as home.
1 Stop Pack N Ship has been around for three decades to take away the burden off your shoulders and help you avoid these problems you face when you decide on doing your domestic shipping on your own.
• If you are moving with your family, you need to move your entire stuff that means a truckload. You will need to hire a truck and you may have a problem in deciding on the right size.
• Whether it’s your products you manufacture or your household items, packing them all can be stressful.
• If you have got some heavy furniture and electrical appliances, you may need to ask a favor from your neighbors, or friends for the heavy lifting and the chances of an accident increases to a great level as none of you have the experience.
• Loading things into the truck and then unloading them again is a task that requires strategy and experience that you do not possess.
• Even if you do all the above things on your own, driving a heavy truck across the state is not as simple as driving your old Volkswagen.
The important thing is, you do not need to do any of the above things and face problems when you can simply reach out to 1 Stop Pack N Ship and get your quote. We deliver with experience, trust, and safety.
We Believe In Transparency
Unlike other companies, we do not charge you extra for anything. Your quote includes every charge or fee you will be charged. And once you have received the quote, you can be assured that you will not be asked for another penny as an extra charge, except for some situations. Our transparency has made us a favorite among our satisfied clients.
Your Satisfaction Is Our Aim
We work for you and your satisfaction is our consideration for the services. We have built a reputation of being the most trustworthy, reliable, and experienced shipping company and we are proud to be of any help to you. During your entire shipping duration, you can reach out to us and we will be happy to assist you in tracking your shipment. Whether it is an international shipment or a domestic shipping service, we provide the most simple and stress-free service without causing a dent to your pocket.
It is hard to find a professional domestic shipping company but your search may happily end at 1 Stop Pack N Ship as you will never think about hiring someone else again.
Reach out to us and our team will be happy to help you out. We look forward to working with you.



More About Our International Shipping & Moving Services

1Stop Pack N Ship, previously Metro Postal is Montgomery County’s premier packaging and shipping center, serving the Washington DC. Metropolitan Since 1984

Local Movers

Households and businesses are always moving to different cities. Sometimes they end up moving their stuff quite a few times. They can always avail the services of moving their stuff domestically. The stuff can either be transported through rail or trucks depending on the type of package being transported. The moving of items domestically is cheaper than other services.

International Moving

There are many times when the packages have to be shipped internationally. Moving stuff out of your country is a very crucial process. The companies that provide international shipping are aware of the laws and regulations of different countries where you want to send your stuff. Usually, people send gifts abroad but there are at times when families are relocating. If this happens then there might be certain laws that you must be aware of before moving your stuff. Moving companies help you to solve this problem by providing you guidance throughout the course. They also help you to pack your things in such a way that you don't face restrictions while shipping.

Freight Moving

You can also avail the option of sending you stuff through the water. Mostly businesses that are into export of goods use this technique. This option helps you to send a large number of goods and even to distant locations. Since you are exporting items, you must know the regulations of the country you are exporting to. Moving companies help you to learn about the rules and regulations so you can plan your cargo accordingly the next time. Moving your stuff through ships is cheaper than air. You might use air for smaller stuff but for large items such as cupboards or furniture, you can move through the water.

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Let us handle your overseas move. We’ll pick-up, package everything, load the container, strap it on the vessel for safe transport, complete all export documentation, and clear it through customs if needed. Europe, the Middle East, Israel, India, Africa, South America, Asia, and Australia. 1 Stop Pack n Ship is proud to be your local packing and shipping company on a world-wide basis.

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