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Washington DC. Crating Services

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People all over the world need packing services. But Washington DC is different. With economic and political changes being consistent in the capital city, it is not unusual that people are consistently moving. Being on the move doesn’t mean transporting yourself from one place to another, but rather everything that belongs to you. And that’s the tricky part.
With shipping comes the part where you have to pack all your belongings simply to load them onto a truck. Packing is easier said than done. Many people underestimate the difficulty of packing their belongings or products. But when the size gets too large, or the texture becomes delicate, you need extra help.
1 Stop Pack n Ship is one of the best companies to offer crate services in Washington DC. So, if you’re moving from your home or office, or shipping a product, contact us for the best service. Here is a summary of all the amazing things that we offer as crate services.

Crate Services – What We Offer

Washington DC has a variety of options available that offer packing services. However, 1 Stop Pack n Ship is one of the best crate services that you can employ. We prioritize our clients where we listen to all their needs and requirements and then provide our service to them. Hence, you can always count on us to deliver on what is the best for you.
There are a multitude of items that we cater to, but we have a specialty. Our expert staff deals with many galleries, designers, and auction houses locally for crate services. The items that range in between our specialty locations mainly fall under the head of furniture, antiquities, and artwork. Apart from these options we also cater to real estate moves and provide crates for large products. Some of the crate services we offer are as detailed.

Custom Crate for Custom Needs

Many of our customers have special needs for crating services. Because Washington DC is filled with an impressive amount of galleries and museums, much of the products are fragile. People also have a taste of collecting antiquities and other items which require special care. 1 Stop Pack n Ship provides crate services for all custom packing needs for artworks, china, furniture, and electronics. Our wooden crates are custom made for your items’ size and fragility.

Artwork and Antiques Packing

Much of the artwork and antiques that are transported or shipped require great care. While many products are prone to damage during shipping, they are equally prone to such during packaging. The orientation of the artwork and its delicacy should be handled with great care when being packed for shipping.
This is why 1 Stop Pack n Ship makes special wooden crates for such items keeping in view all the factors. Apart from fragility and size, these factors consist of weight and structure. Not all artwork is light, some sculptures or statues are heavy-weighted but are equally vulnerable to breakage.
We assure all our customers that their products will be handled with extreme cautiousness. We live up to our promise as this is determined by the reviews our customers leave for us. 1 Stop Pack n Ship operates on a no compromise on quality basis, where you can trust us.

Crates for Over-Sized Products

Artwork isn’t the only thing our clients need to transport. There is a huge range of heavy equipment, machinery, electronic items that need to be transported. These heavy and oversized items are also prone to damage as their mechanics are delicate.
Our staff is experienced and professionally takes care of all the crate services for such items. We ensure that the custom wooden crates are large enough to fit these items and can carry their weight. Other than this, we also confirm that the crates we use are strong enough to withhold damage and are stable. This way your goods will remain protected at all costs and won’t have to undergo a lot of turbulence.

Crate Services as A Package for Washington DC

While you’re moving apartments or shifting your entire office in Washington DC, you won’t ship everything individually. 1 Stop Pack n Ship offers crate services as a whole package for you at an affordable cost. We can provide you with evaluations and arrive at your doorstep to pack and ship your items.
We can pack all your items by evaluating how fragile, large, and heavy each item is. Later, we can pack them according to their category with the proper precautions. 1 Stop Pack n Ship staff will arrive with our custom wooden crates for all your material. And it doesn’t have to cost you a fortune.

Crates for International Shipping

With many businesses operating from the Washington District of Columbia, international shipping is often demanded. It is different when your product is being shipped domestically and different when it is international. For domestic and international moving services, the crates vary. 1 Stop Pack n Ship ensures that all the crates that are designed and structured for international transportation are strong.
This will protect all your fragile items from turbulence and other possible damage that your item may be subject to. 1 Stop Pack n Ship will ensure your items are safely transported to the destination and the paperwork is handled. Our team is experienced in handling custom officials so we can take care of all your worries with one service. Apart from this, we can guarantee that we will deliver on our promise of on-time delivery with the original condition.

All our crate services are especially offered in a wide variety because of the differences in demand. We understand your packing needs and cater to those needs in the most appropriate way possible. 1 Stop Pack n Ship also provides crate services in the most cost-effective way possible. You can contact us now to get a free quotation as an estimate of our services. We value your choice of our services.
1 Stop Pack n Ship is a trustworthy brand that will have your trust and stand by it. With an expert staff handling your products with utmost care and good quality crates, we can pack for you. Whatever you need packed in a crate, we can do it for you. The best of all, you can track your package as we transport it. If you’re a resident of Washington DC and need crate services, we can offer a whole package just for you. Customized to every need, 1 Stop Pack n Ship is the best solution to your packing and shipping problems. Contact us now for the best crate services in the state!



More About Our International Shipping & Moving Services

1Stop Pack N Ship, previously Metro Postal is Montgomery County’s premier packaging and shipping center, serving the Washington DC. Metropolitan Since 1984

Nature of International Shipping

When it comes to international shipping, 1 Stop Pack n Ship offers both commercial and residential delivery services. Whether you want to ship one item or many, 1 Stop Pack n Ship can help you send it without a hassle. Individuals can send items to family and friends in other countries. You can use us to send many different things including gifts on special occasions. In addition, business can send items to customers all over the world. We ship through different types of transportation services including air and ocean. Most larger items go via ocean freight.

Full Truck Load vs Less Than Truck Load

Moving and shipping companies that do not offer both full truck and less than truck load services to their clients are not as effective. 1 Stop Pack n Ship offers both of these services so you don’t have to worry about shipping large items. You can get discounts and save a lot of money by shipping through less than truck load. In less than truck load, your shipment is combined with other items from other people, lowering the cost for all.

Expedited Deliveries

If there is anything that adds value to the moving and shipping service, it’s expedited delivery. For a small extra charge, 1 Stop Pack n Ship provides expedited delivery to its clients. The increase in cost will depend on the number of times and value. Please tell our representative if you want expedited shipping.

Multiple International Locations

Whether you are looking to ship to South America, Asia, Africa, Europe or the Middle East, we have you covered. We can help you send something as small as a piece of art to as large as a sofa. We take pride in our employees who are skilled and knowledgeable. Our experienced and well trained staff will make sure your item is shipped to the right address and arrives on time. Our staff is customer friendly so if you have an questions, you can always contact us by phone or through our website.

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